Feeding RetroSuburbia

Food and where it comes from is an ongoing theme in RetroSuburbia. This essay extends on the discussions in Chapter 29, Sustainable and sustaining diet, and the further information given in Appendix 4, Retrosuburban diet. It outlines David’s vision for a localised, resilient food system in an energy descent future and compares this with the current average Australian diet.



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The Politics of Permaculture by Terry Leahy

Terry Leahy’s introductory book is certainly not the last word on understanding and participating in the politics of permaculture, but it is an excellent start in showing how permaculture thinking and action can contribute to a better society in times of challenge and change. In introducing permaculture to the general public, his portrayal is sensitive and sympathetic but without the slightest hint of evangelistic fervour. He points to both strengths and weaknesses, in language that is clear and direct with the very minimum of academic jargon. His methods of enquiry are transparent and rigorous, deserving respect from his academic peers and the wider progressive intelligentsia, many of whom are unaware or even dismissive of permaculture as a social movement. It is hard to imagine a better portrait of the movement to inform both its participants and those curious about it.

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