Chiltern, Victoria, Australia

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06 April 2024


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Off-grid RetroSuburbia

Want to hear how you can retrofit your reality to survive and thrive tough times while avoiding the multiple grids that threaten to enclose our lives?

Is it really necessary to move from the city to a rural block to be off-grid? Could buying an existing property (including the dependencies and mistakes of previous owners) be a better option? A move to a country town might be an easier stepping-stone to off-grid living. Is it possible to be off-grid in the suburbs in a well-chosen property or even in our existing one?

Maybe we should sell up, get out of debt and be off-grid – Mobile Minimalists? And if you’re young, fit and quick to learn and contribute but don’t own anything, maybe there are opportunities to go off-grid by partnering with older owners facing challenging transitions?

David Holmgren, permaculture co-originator and author of RetroSuburbia; the downshifter’s guide to a resilient future, and long time Central Victorian, has a lifetime of experience looks and forward to discussing all these issues, options and more with you at the Off-grid Living Festival on Saturday April 6 at 12.30pm.



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