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Off-grid RetroSuburbia

Want to hear how you can retrofit your reality to survive and thrive tough times while avoiding the multiple grids that threaten to enclose our lives?

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Extended RetroSuburbia Masterclass

Are you looking to create a more sustainable and resilient household? Wondering how to retrofit your current home or circumstances? Wanting to grow more food, reduce your energy use and enjoy a more satisfying, fulfilling life? Join David Holmgren and Beck Lowe in exploring these and other themes from David’s bestselling book “RetroSuburbia: the downshifter’s guide to a resilient future.”

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RetroSuburbia masterclass with David Holmgren & Morag Gamble

You are warmly welcome to join this special masterclass with the co-originator of permaculture and the author of Retrosuburbia, David Holmgren. David will explore with us ways we can relocalise our food system in the suburbs and why this is an area he believes holds so much hope for the future of climate safe, resilient and regenerative futures. David advocates for garden farming in the non-monetary household and community economies of gift and reciprocity, and says this will have a big part to play in growing new urban food systems in the shadow of the old.

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Masterclass with David Holmgren

David Holmgren David is the co-originator of the permaculture concept following the publication of Permaculture One, co-authored with Bill Mollison in 1978. David is globally recognised as a leading ecological thinker, teacher, writer, and speaker, promoting permaculture as a realistic, attractive, and robust alternative to dependent consumerism. Other key publications

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RetroSuburbia workshops

The workshop will take place in Hurstbridge, and we’ll have limited spots available due to covid restrictions. There are options for a two-day workshop exploring themes in the book and how you can live more sustainably

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Introduction to Retrosuburbia (2 days)

This Retrosuburbia Workshop explores the material in David Holmgren’s book ‘RetroSuburbia’ on making individual households and neighbourhoods resilient, sustainable and fulfilling places to live – especially for those living in Australian suburbs.

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Other News

Reading Landscape in Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

  Exciting news! Reading Landscape with David Holmgren has been selected to screen at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival  The film even made their Top 12 No-to-Miss Cinema Features    PLUS there will be a Q&A with David after the film. Spread the word, we’d love to see you there    Date: Sunday 21 July 2024 Time: 5:20PM

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