Surviving earth in Canberra

One of the ways to make sense of long distance traveling is to maximise the purposes of the trip.  In a similar way that filling the car with passengers when one needs to drive somewhere gives maximum fuel efficiency, when David travels for a speaking engagement he hopes to appear more than once. So when […]

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Permaculture, a vision of the post oil world

More than an agricultural technology, permaculture is a vision of the societies of tomorrow, ours, which will be confronted with the evolution of energy and climate systems. Permaculture is not only another way to garden: it is another way of thinking about and acting on the world, a global philosophical and concrete change. At the […]

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Future Scenarios and permaculture solutions

What is going on in the world? What can we do about it, you wonder? Climate change, peak energy, and global finance seem to be the biggest worries of many people. Naturally so, because according to David Holmgren, they are the key elements deciding our world, and our future. How are these factors behaving now, […]

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Remember December

It’s the biggest hectare I have ever seen! Tatyana Temirbulatova’s Permacultured website  It’s an awesome place to be! Jessie’s the Rabid Little Hippy What I didn’t expect was to be so taken with what permaculture is, and what it isn’t. Jacqui’s dusty country road, Everywhere  you  looked  there  was  an abundance of  food, even  though […]

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멜리오도라 발 행 일  2014년 10월 31일 ■ 이 책의 목적 퍼머컬처는 단순한 유기농 텃밭가꾸기가 아니다. 유기농 텃밭가꾸기 정도로는 성에 차지 않는 사람들에게 퍼머컬처를 설명하기 위해 이 책을 썼다. 특히 활동가, 설계자, 교사, 연구자, 학생 등 다양한 현장에서 지속가능성이라는 만만찮은 주제와 씨름하고 있는 사람들에게 도움을 주고 싶다. 《퍼머컬처 1》은 25년 전에 썼으며,  그후에 쓴 저작들은 […]

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Vale Vries Gravestein

As I have been working alone in the garden over these last few days I have been thinking about Vries Gravestein as an elder of the Australian permaculture movement at the same time that the nation is reflecting on the passing of another big man, Gough Whitlam. While comparisons between the two might be trite, […]

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Principles beyond the borders: seven and more in the pipeline

Earlier this month we reported that David Holmgren’s seminal Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond sustainability is now available in French. Published by rue de l’echiquier, Permaculture sits very nicely with the very interesting and thought provoking titles in their « Initial(e)s DD » series. What is so special about the French edition by the way, is […]

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Permaculture Activism and the Future

I was recently asked by “permaculture actionary” Delvin Solkinson to provide some words for a newsletter promoting the next Rainbow Serpent Festival at which I’ll be speaking (several times). Very normal that a previous participant at one of our Advanced Permaculture Principles Courses should be asking me for a piece for an event he has the […]

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Holmgren in the Green Lifestyle Hall of Fame

What do you think Bob Brown, Olivia Newton-John and David Holmgren have in common? All have beautiful singing voice? Maybe. Written some very important books? Possible. David Holmgren was awarded the 2014 Green Lifestyle Award for his pioneering and ongoing work with Permaculture since he co-founded the concept more than three decades ago. David is […]

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PDC (+ yoga) again next Feb

There are many PDC courses available these days, but this one is different. As the following testimonials sum up: ‘Stunning’. ‘A perfect blend of aesthetics and spiritual beauty combined with intellectual endeavours’. Earlier this year, working with Tread Lightly Permaculture, we held our first PDC course at the Satyananda Ashram in Rocklyn. It was a […]

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« Permaculture, Principes» est enfin disponible en français

LES EDITIONS RUE DE L’ECHIQUIER : Le livre de David Holmgren « Permaculture, Principes et pistes d’action pour un mode de vie soutenable » est enfin disponible en français Comment vivre dans le respect des limites et des ressources de la nature ?Alors que la production mondiale de pétrole a atteint son maximum et que […]

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