Melliodora tours

Come September 7, Melliodora will open its doors again for the popular monthly guided tours. You have a chance to see the truly sustainable household at work in one of the world’s best examples of permaculture exhibition sites at Melliodora. During the day, David Holmgren (co-founder of the permaculture concept) and his partner Su Dennett (inductee […]

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Kahverengi Teknoloji Çağı’na Hoş Geldiniz!

Permakültürün duayenlerinden David Holmgren’in “dünyanın gidişatı” ve kısa-orta vadeli projeksiyonlarla, permakültür gibi doğayla bütünleşik, bütüncül, akıllı ve etik tasarım çerçevelerinin ve felsefelerinin etkisi üzerine kaleme aldığı bu önemli makaleyi,  Yeşil Düşünce Derneği olarak Green European Foundation desteğiyle çıkardığımız “Gülümseyen bir bugün için Yeşil Politika ” kitabında Türkçe’ye kazandırdık ve yayınladık. Holmgren’in makalesi, dünün ve bugünün […]

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Tour on track

The Foss/Holmgren National Tour has had large crowds attend in Sydney, Newcastle, Nambour in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Fremantle so far and when the tour is over we will report on the whole three weeks. For now, please make sure you don’t miss out as there are only four more opportunities to hear this dynamic duo. July […]

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“Survive and thrive” ready to roll

The national speaking tour with Nicole Foss and David Holmgren, “Strategies for a changing economy: survive and thrive” is set to roll. Nicole has landed safe and sound in Sydney this afternoon. She had to negotiate her way through immigration, customs and so on at Auckland airport in a great haste, in half an hour, […]

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The latest “Survive and thrive” tour dates

Strategies for a changing economy Survive and Thrive with Nicole Foss and David Holmgren (click title to see the details) June 27 (Fri) Sydney June 29 (Sun) Narara Ecovillage (9am) June 29 (Sun)  Newcastle (3pm) June 30 (Mon) “Crash or crash through” workshop (Holmgren) at Hunter TAFE in Newcastle June 30 (Mon)”Building resilience in an era of […]

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‘Survive and Thrive’ Foss and Holmgren to tour

Strategies for a changing economy, survive and thrive – We are approaching many limits to growth over the next several decades, and are consequently facing many challenges in our immediate future. Finance, energy, environment, resources and climate will all impact on the single-minded, one-dimensional trajectory human society has been on in our era of growth […]

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Colapso por encargo

Finalmente en español: Colapso por encargo por David Holmgren Se está acabando el tiempo para las alternativas emergentes? Como muchos otros, yo he argumentado que la emergencia de economías familiares y comunitarias, ya en proliferación en las sombras de la economía global, pueden crear y sostener diferentes maneras de bienestar que pueden compensar, al menos […]

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Reverence for the bunya bunya

One of the critiques of permaculture is that, in attempting to be a theory of everything, it has failed to contribute real progress on any of the manifold fronts it addresses. Had Mollison and I spent our lives planting, managing and selecting oaks and bunya bunyas, we might have made a greater contribution to a […]

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Action for food

On May 24th, people around the globe will take to the street again demanding a permanent ban on genetically modified food. Millions of citizens in more than fifty countries, in over 400 cities, are expected to take part. You can find what’s being planned in your local area on the March Against Monsanto official website. […]

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Travelling Australia without money

Holmgren Design regularly welcomes interns who come to add their energy to the maintenance of the house and garden systems and experience the Melliodora low-impact permaculture lifestyle first hand.  Melliodora interns share with us their permaculture experiences from their own country and from the places they have visited around the globe. Recently two unique young […]

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Food for thought, security and sovereignty

This is a longer version of the article David Holmgren contributed to the inaugural issue of the Pip magazine. Food insecurity also shows up in affluent countries in many surprising ways.  In Australia declining backyard food production since the 1960s and the loss of community, reduced the opportunities for barter and social insurance from non-monetary […]

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