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Declaration of Freedom – Food Forest Abundance

Jim Gale is a man with a vision. Through his organisation Food Forest Abundance, he is working towards turning “50% of the lawns around the world into Food Forests. “We can solve ALL of the world’s major problems,” he says.

Earlier this month, Jim brought together an international group of leaders and change makers, “to creatively catalyze an intentional shift in humanity.” 

The mission of Food Forest Abundance is:

“to build a free, healthy and abundant society for generations to come. We would love to see food forests installed in every community around the world. Our focus is on creating a decentralized food supply by setting up edible landscapes on underutilized lawns.”

We love your passion, Jim!

You can watch a short clip of the event, featuring David Holmgren, here:


And you can watch the longer livestream here:


Fore more information on the project, visit:


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