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As well as teaching on the annual 2-week Rocklyn Ashram PDC and on the new online PDC, David teaches on a variety of courses and PDCs throughout the year, both in person in Australia and virtually, overseas.

While it’s best to do a PDC in your own bioregion, committing to a 2-week residential course is simply not possible for everyone. If you live in or around Central Victoria, and you are looking to learn more about living the ethics and principles of permaculture, you might like to book into the Castlemaine Permaculture Hub PDC. David is not the lead teacher, but a guided tour of Melliodora with David and Su is certainly part of the program.

The Castlemaine Permaculture Hub is offering two PDCs – weekends and mid-week, so take your pick. 

The next Wednesday PDC runs from July 13 – November 9, 2022. Each Wednesday from 9.15am – 3.15pm (excluding school holidays).

The next weekend PDC runs for 6 weekends and starts 6 August, 2022. Saturday & Sunday: 9.30am – 4.30pm.

The Castlemaine Permaculture Hub is running an in-person information and meet the tutors session this coming Thursday July 7 at 5.30pm.




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Do With Su

I am very excited about the launch of Do with Su on the Holmgren Hub. It is a culmination of a long process for my partner in love and livelihood to share her skills, passion and wisdom with a wider audience.

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