Colour #28510C

Colour #4D771C

Colour #297E94

Colour #1F232B

H1 - Default (55px, mob 39)

H2 - Default (44px, mob 31)

H3 - Default (35px, mob 25)

H4 - Default (28px, mob 20)

H5 - Default (22px, mob 18)
H6 - Default (18px, mob 16)

sk-dark-bg (#1F232B)

Heading - XXL (70px)

Heading - XL (55px, mob 39)h1

Heading - Large (44px, mob 31)h2

Heading - Medium (28px, mob 25)h4

Heading - Small (22px, mob 18)h5

sk-accent-bg (#94891B)

Paragraph - Small (15px)

Paragraph - Default (18px)

Paragraph - Medium (22px)

Paragraph - Large (35px)

Paragraph - XL (55px)

Paragraph - XXL (70px)


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