Venie Prize Year: 2022

Local Astronomy by Jennifer Harrison

                              We have our own die-back               bark-ringed skin telomeres shortening like rusting ladders                diminishing rung by rung          

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Bogong – a Lament by Sue Aldred

In December 2021 the ICUN declared the Bogong Moth (Agrotis infusa) a threatened species (along with 123 other members of our Australian wildlife family) Millions upon millions they came,                 sucked south from Sunshine State,                

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Manna Ash by Stephanie Powell

the manna ash is weeping sugar a tart nest, almost honey. from a balcony in the city its flowers appear only just thicker than dust. from up here it is always looking ready for take-off. trunk bitten with holes like mouths for singing, like a good choir on a clear

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Clear and Ancient Shadow by Danielle Baldock

Long through time we have known you Our hearts beating fast against yours For you the slow pulsing beat Of land and mountain and stone goes on Slow but sure, you are anchored upon this land And so we have chosen you The marks of red earth and human hand

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Below the Summit by Kristen Lang

The pandani graze where they’ve scattered, mid-step in buttongrass, necks wrapped against the cold. Torsos a brief illusion. We sit listening to their chatter. Centuries-old migrations woven through the slow-tumbled stone – they are not, they tell us, the only ones on the move. Ridgelines jagged with sea shells, molten

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Other News

Do With Su

I am very excited about the launch of Do with Su on the Holmgren Hub. It is a culmination of a long process for my partner in love and livelihood to share her skills, passion and wisdom with a wider audience.

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