Venie Prize Year: 2018

Three Teared Wedding Cake by Dennis Garvey

Escape that bitumen travel until travel to where You see a woman (man) scapes before you the man (woman) may not claim to being poets Girl – Boy – leaves Grass tree Tribal country Music Painting Body art Song & Dance Indigenous *** beginning (false end- there is absolutely nothing

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Plastic Free July by Connor Weightman

bass strait roaring. or i imagine them calling, a pod of tankers well wishing me home from the shops. sliding between twelve thousand years like cigarettes flattened amongst parked umbrages. this problem is so ubiquitous, so boring. the sun is out for once. in brunswick brushtails traverse electric wires. all

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The Dingo Poem by JP Quinton

“So the plan is the dingoes wipe out goats then we come back and humanely shoot those dingoes because they’ll have tracking collars so we can find where they go. If for whatever reason we can’t … shoot those dingoes, those little 1080 poison time-bombs will go off.” A.B.C. story:

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Nature is a Misreading by Michael Farrell

It’s 10am. He’s already talked to the birds and flowers If to be human is to be baroque, he would like to feel more involved, or more complex. Originality is concerned with origins he believes. But no one knows what came before language, or before language became a way of

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Ode to Earth by Shari Kocher

In her speaking she returns to us and I, with my Not-I awake, and going about my day, walk with Earth behind my lids, two by two, and breathing thus, she holds us by the feet. Today, between the work of marking someone else’s words and the turning of vegetables

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Other News

Do With Su

I am very excited about the launch of Do with Su on the Holmgren Hub. It is a culmination of a long process for my partner in love and livelihood to share her skills, passion and wisdom with a wider audience.

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