Venie Prize Category: Winner

Below the Summit by Kristen Lang

The pandani graze where they’ve scattered, mid-step in buttongrass, necks wrapped against the cold. Torsos a brief illusion. We sit listening to their chatter. Centuries-old migrations woven through the slow-tumbled stone – they are not, they tell us, the only ones on the move. Ridgelines jagged with sea shells, molten

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‘Carried from Hell’s Gate, Tasmania’ by Kerry Greer

Pushing empty packets into the bin, I see the whales, on the news, 470 of them lying haphazardly like precious flotsam a child might find, washed up in Macquarie Harbour. 470 seems closer to an evacuation than an accident. Sometimes, as a girl, swimming out so far there was no

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God instructs His Angels to Burn the Notre Dame by Hailey Bonner

Remember that they razed the Standing Stones, Remember that they scarred the Sacred Sites, Shackled the Ground and the Tides, Poisoned the Bramble Cay and the Melomys. And so I command you to burn their Holy Spire, Their Sky-Pierced Shrine, And make low all which dared Climb toward Heaven. Thus

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Ode to Earth by Shari Kocher

In her speaking she returns to us and I, with my Not-I awake, and going about my day, walk with Earth behind my lids, two by two, and breathing thus, she holds us by the feet. Today, between the work of marking someone else’s words and the turning of vegetables

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Journey, the South Coast by Mark Miller

1 This Estuary This morning the mist comes apart before me, like fabric, like ashes – revealing at low tide the craters in sand left by night-anglers pumping for bait sea-wrack and bottle-caps, necklaces of purple sea-grapes, bluebottles and ribboned weed and like part of an old bicycle tyre twisted

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How To Write An Environmental Poem by Lynn Sunderland

We begin with a framework strong enough To hold in its hands this planet’s poem: A scaffolding blunt as the flint hearted mountains And supple as green boughs twisted toward water That it may bear in its sinews and its soul The very weight of your dreaming And your poem

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Other News

Do With Su

I am very excited about the launch of Do with Su on the Holmgren Hub. It is a culmination of a long process for my partner in love and livelihood to share her skills, passion and wisdom with a wider audience.

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