Tree crops on Earth Matters

On Earth Matters radio program, broadcast on 3CR on Jan 11, David Holmgren discussed the merit of tree crops and supplementing grain fields with tree crops, with fellow tree crops enthusiasts Darren Doherty and Byron Joel. They shared their thoughts on the benefits of this system and the work of making it a reality. You can hear the podcast of the program here.

See Holmgren’s video review of the Permaculture classic book, Tree Crops: a permanent agriculture by J Russell Smith.

If the radio discussion has whetted your appetite for forestry, why not take part in the Holmgren Design/Regrarians (ie David and Darren, or D1 and D2) forestry course being offered in April? This four day permaculture forestry course will  provide a deep foundation for practical forestry in both natural and planted timber forests. Permaforestry course is not on offer anywhere else, so take advantage and learn the art of tree cropping. In a permaculture way.  Book here.

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