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Cool house, abundant garden

IMG_9227Anyone said ‘bloody hot isn’t it’ lately?

When heatwaves sweep across Australia with the temperature climbing above forty degrees outside, we feel so fortunate to be working inside a well designed house where the temperature stays around 25. Without air-con, of course. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to appreciate and understand the principles behind the well designed passive solar house.

Why don’t you join us inside the Melliodora house for the tour on Feb 2 to feel for yourself, and to learn the principles, so that you too can have a cool house in summer (which is also warm in winter)? During  the morning, your hosts, permaculture co-founder David Holmgren and his partner Su Dennett will show you how it can be done.

Not just a cool house, they will show you the way the house operates and functions to support the home-based lifestyle and economy. You will see the design principles as well as practical applications at work, including the cool cupboard and simple compost toilet. Ask them about cooking and preserving too. If you are interested in resilient local and household economies, they will show you how it really works. If you are interested in fermented food, they will tell you how they make their own yoghurt, miso and other fermented food. Interested locavour diet and foraging? They can show you how. Concerned about the bushfire threat? They will explain how to make the house less vulnerable against devastating fire.

And in the afternoon, on the second tour, the garden tour, David will take you around the Melliodora garden farm system from which most of their food comes. You will see the garden bearing abundant fruits and vegetables, while the chooks and goats do their stuff.

What better place to see, feel, touch and experience all aspects of permaculture at work than the world renowned Melliodora? Join us on Feb 2 on the Melliodora tours. See more details in the Events. For booking, simply go to our online shop.

You too can stay cool, if you design right.



Melliodora tours for the season 2013/14


IMG_9227On Sept 1, the Melliodora resumes its popular monthly guided tours which continue through the warmer seasons. There is no better way to learn how household economy works, and garden and land are maintained and managed sustainably, than to take part in the two and half an hour tours at Melliodora, one of the world’s best examples of permaculture principles application. We run the “Solar house tour” in the morning and the “Garden farm tour” in the afternoon. You can take part in just one, or attend both on the same day.

This season, we have decided to include the Melliodora eBook on CD ($35) which is a record of the first 20 years of development of the site, in the tour price. The eBook details how the Melliodora you see was designed and established, explaining how some of the design decisions were made,  some specific techniques applied, why and how some of the plants were planted where they are, and so on. We believe this addition will enhance your experience at Melliodora long after you visit here. An ideal refresher of your visit here.

We have also introduced the new tour booking system. All you do to make bookings for the Melliodora tours, is go to our online shop and purchase the product called “Melliodora tours“. There should be enough add on options to meet all different types of requests, but if you are stuck, drop us a line. We want to make it work. If it doesn’t work for your particular group, we can always go back to good old pen and paper. It should be all clear if you read the Product Description carefully first.

The tours are extremely popular, but the places are strictly capped, so please make your bookings as soon as possible.

We are planning to bring in our third guided tour around Melliodora, tentatively called the “Beyond gardens tour”.  Details will be announced soon, so watch this space!

You may be also interested in our residential Spring seasonal cycle course in October.

See you at Melliodora.