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‘Our Street’ Panel SLF

2021 Sustainable Living Festival panel

When: Sunday Feb 7 7pm – 8.30pm

Where: Online via ZOOM

Cost: Free!

Stories for the Future

What might the future of suburbia look like? Our Street, a new picture book, provides inspiration.

David Holmgren, permaculture co-originator, has been presenting his Aussie Street story for decades.

Beck Lowe and Brenna Quinlan have brought Aussie Street to life in an inspirational new picture book called Our Street.

Join them as they discuss: Why a picture book? What is the role of imagination in creating a better world? How can suburban living be more resilient, sustainable, and fulfilling in an uncertain future?

Our Street will inspire children, parents, and educators, whilst reflecting on Australian history.

Please register for this free event and the Zoom link will be emailed to you:

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Our Street Book + Permaculture Action Cards Launch

Calling all kids and adults!

Melliodora Publishing and Grow Do It Permaculture Education invite you to attend the online launch of Our Street and Permaculture Action Cards.

Our Street (based on the Aussie Street story from RetroSuburbia) is a fully illustrated storybook for upper primary school-age children. It explores how suburban life changes between the 1950s and 2020s, and provides a positive vision of the future. It is a useful tool for parents and educators to help inspire children with positive solutions for sustainable and resilient living, whilst reflecting on Australian history. Written by David Holmgren + Beck Lowe and illustrated by Brenna Quinlan.

The Permaculture Action Cards are made up of 65 full-colour cards. The deck features the 3 permaculture ethics, 12 principles and 50 Brenna Quinlan illustrated action cards depicting colourful characters putting them into practice in the garden, community and beyond as well as relevant lyrics & rhymes from Formidable Vegetable on the back of each card. Also included is a booklet with games and explanations of the principles as well as an A3 colour poster that can be used as a teaching aid.

The launch will feature David Holmgren, Su Dennett, Beck Lowe, Brenna Quinlan, Charlie Mgee and special musical guests Formidable Vegetable.

The event will be a free livestream. Register here for your free tickets and we’ll email you the viewing links on the day.

The first 100 books purchased at the launch will be signed by David, Beck and Brenna. In the meantime you can purchase the book from here and the cards from here.

NOTE: The event will be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube. These links will be emailed to you closer to the date.

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PermaQueer TEDx Countdown

TedxDavid Holmgren is proud to be speaking at PermaQueer’s 3-day online event this Thursday 15th October at 11 am as part of the global TedX Countdown.

He’ll be speaking about the role of permaculture in designing a sustainable future, alongside many other great speakers like Morag Gamble, Brenna Quinlan, Charlie Mgee, Rosemary Morrow, Artist as Family and many more.

Find out more and get your free or donation based ticket here:


Melliodora Live Online Tour

There is no better way to learn how the household economy works than to take part in the whole day guided tour at Melliodora – now online!

About this Event

For the first time ever, David Holmgren and Su Dennett are opening the doors of Melliodora to an online audience. Situated in the Victorian central highlands, Melliodora is one of the best examples of working cool-temperate climate permaculture in the country.

The day begins at 10am (AEST)* with a tour of the main homestead house. We will break for lunch between 12.30pm and 2pm. In the afternoon the tour will take you around the extensive garden farm.

There will be a Q&A for the house tour at 12pm and a Q&A for the property tour at 4pm. Your questions will be asked directly to David, time permitting.

Throughout the tour David will mention books that he has written, published or those that have influenced his thinking. These books can be found at the Holmgren Design Store, and at Melliodora Wholesale (for purchases over $150).

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience how permaculture design can help restore and improve land, and provide for you and your household’s needs within the context of an ethical and regenerative framework.

*PLEASE NOTE: Daylight Savings in Australia commences at 12 midnight the night before the tour.

If you would like to do further exploration, you might like the Melliodora eBook (available in CD or PDF version): a detailed record of how Melliodora was designed and established, explaining the logic behind design decisions, detailed plans, plant species selection and how it all works together as a comprehensive system.

It is a refresher of the tour, a valuable reference for your own project, and an ideal way to introduce family and friends to permaculture.


AFSA Solidarity Economy Session #5 – Permaculture Solidarities

AFSA Solidarity Economy Session #5 – Permaculture Solidarities with David Holmgren

About this Event

Join David Holmgren, co-originator of the permaculture concept and co-creator of Australia’s best-known permaculture demonstration site, Melliodora, to explore how we can build home and community economies based in permacultural ethics as a foundation for a better and more just future.

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