La permacultura per un mondo post-pandemico – Permaculture for a post-pandemic world

On Sunday, February 27, David participated in the Autoufficienza Live event, where he gave a presentation entitled, Permaculture for a post-pandemic world, which was translated non-simultaneously into Italian. You can watch the presentation, and listen to the translation here:



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National Permaculture Day

This short video is of the National Permaculture Day celebrations in Daylesford on 30 April, hosted by the Daylesford Community Food Gardeners (DCFG) and the Hepburn Relocalisation Network (HRN), with the help of SHARE (Sustainable Hepburn Association), Daylesford CFA, Hepburn Council and local residents. David Holmgren speaks about “The Local.” Available to watch on Vimeo.

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