Bushfire resilient communities and landscapes presentation

Sustainable Living Festival – February 2010

Climate change and peak oil demand we change our behaviour, organise our households and reshape our communities and landscapes for greater self reliance and resilience. The threat of bushfire provides the immediate context for application of these changes that will be more effective and empowering than top down centralised responses to disaster management. With this presentation David Holmgren shows how the permaculture strategies of self reliance and resilience make our communities and landscapes safer and more productive.

Part I

Part II

See also the Bushfire Resilient Communities and Landscapes discussion paper.

The Flywire House: A case study in design against bushfire

Also available:

The Flywire House: A case study in design against bushfire

Originally published in 1991, this classic book has been reprinted and is still compatible with latest understandings, providing a unique case study approach. A new foreword reviews the material in the context of the devastating 2009 ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires in Victoria, Australia.


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