A design system for resilient living.


David Holmgren defines what permaculture is and explains its origins.

David Holmgren's

A selection of David’s writings from 2009 to his most current work.


David teaches on a number of PDCs and related workshops in person and online.


Find out about local, Australian and global Permaculture networks and related resources.


RetroSuburbia Cover and page

RetroSuburbia shows how our suburbs can be transformed to become resilient in an energy descent future.

Principles & Ethics

Permaculture Principles and Ethics

Learn more about the principles and ethics which underpin the foundations of permaculture.

Permaculture Precinct

Spring Creek Community Forest

Spring Creek runs along side Melliodora and is actively managed by locals.

Fryers Forest

Fryers Forest House

Fryers Forest is a rural eco-village in central Victoria consisting of 11 residential titles clustered within 300 acres of common native forest.

A local community group in Djaara country, Central Victoria Australia, that David and his partner Su Dennett are involved with. HRN runs activities and events to stimulate greater individual, household and community level self reliance and non monetary economy to survive and thrive challenging times and build a better future.

A website that provides easy access to the permaculture ethics and design principles developed by David Holmgren, with clean graphics, simple explanations and beautiful photos from past years of  the Permaculture Principles calendar.

A short book by David Holmgren, published on-line in 2008, that maps the potential interaction between peak oil and climate change using a scenario planning model that has continued to influence permaculture and kindred networks around the world, and inform David’s.

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