The Platform Perth
Level 3 256 Adelaide Terrace


02 August 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Perth 2019 – Retrosuburbia Roadshow with David Holmgren

David Holmgren will showcase his latest book, Retrosuburbia where he will share the possibilities for communities now and into the future.

Ticket prices include catering and the chance to engage and be inspired by one of our greatest Permaculture idols.

PAWA Members & Early Bird tickets $20 until 20th July. Tickets thereafter $30 or unless sold out. (PAWA Members $20)

VENUE EVENT LOCATION: https://goo.gl/maps/riGY5zbPWty6T4oR8



Event Collaborator: The Enkel Collective and Globalactive ~ Karun Cowper. Karun is a P2P/Commoner, Neohumanist, PROUTist. He is co-founder of Globalactive, is a cooperative member of enkel, is on the team at Friends of the Earth Perth, is administrator and holistic counsellor/educator at the LiFE Academy RTO, is organiser of rad ‘New Economy’ and Postcapitalist events and is long time ratbag activist and citizen journalist in Perth.

6pm – 7pm ~ David Holmgren

7pm – 9pm ~ An immersive collective game experience “How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse”

We will play a version of the “Sarkar Game” – a foresight role-playing game designed to glean insight into social reality and help players discover other ways of knowing, thus to better understand and appreciate alternative futures. The Sarkar Game specifically helps players (individuals and organizations) comprehend macrohistory – the timing of the future – as well as the structured shape of the future(s). The game also helps players scrutinize the leadership characteristics for themselves and for their organization or institution.

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