Permaculture co-founder steps into limelight

The CSIRO’s Ted Lefroy says it is not easy to measure how many aspects of permaculture have infiltrated mainstream environmental thinking and practice, but it is fair to say its influence has been profound. “I think it’s been quite significant in its influence on broadacre agriculture, just take the two words of its origin, permanent […]

Compost toilets and Permaculture design principles

This brief piece was written in September 2003 as a contribution to a book (in French) by Christophe Elain, “Un petit coin pour soulager la planète: Toilettes sèches et histoires d’eau”, published 2005 by Goutte de Sable. Download PDF (182KB)

What is sustainability?

Plenary Session addressing Students of Sustainability Conference, Flinders University Adelaide 14th July 2003. Download PDF (76KB)

Do we need nature?

Entry in Shell Economist Future Thinking writing competition 2003. Download PDF (102KB)

Essence of Permaculture - RevisedeBook

Essence of Permaculture – free download

Summary of permaculture concept and principles taken from Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainablity. Available in the following languages – free to download and share. English: Essence of Permaculture (revised 2020) Arabic / أسس الزراعة المستديمة :العربية Finnish / Suomi: Permakulttuurin perusolemus French / Française: L’essence de la Permaculture German / Deutsche: Das Wesen der […]

Weeds or wild nature?

Originally published in the Permaculture International Journal in 1997, Issue 61, provides an indication of the ideas which are further developed in other writings in Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability and which is the subject of the new book being researched. Download PDF (90KB) A Greek translation by Μαρία Γούρμου, “Ζιζάνια ή Αγρια Φύση;“.