Permaculture: Solutions for the energy descent future

A keynote address by David Holmgren to the Urban Sustainable Living Expo Warrnambool Victoia 4th June 2006. This replaces an earlier presentation “Global Energy Peak Threat Or Opportunity” to launch the 8th Australian Permaculture Convergence Melbourne April 2005. Explains peak oil and permaculture strategies for the energy descent future. An empowering and inclusive understanding of […]

Interview with Heidi Snel (2005)

This interview was made by Heidi Snel, ÖKOFILM (, during the IPC7 (7th International Permaculture Convergence) in Motovun, Croatia in june 2005. In PART 1 * The power of Permaculture * The Future of this Earth * The role of cities in the Future [youtube] In Part 2, David Holmgren speaks about the “agro-rebel” […]

Permaculture co-founder steps into limelight

The CSIRO’s Ted Lefroy says it is not easy to measure how many aspects of permaculture have infiltrated mainstream environmental thinking and practice, but it is fair to say its influence has been profound. “I think it’s been quite significant in its influence on broadacre agriculture, just take the two words of its origin, permanent […]