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PDC (+ yoga) starts this week

There are many PDC courses available these days, but this one is different. As the following testimonials sum up:

‘A perfect blend of aesthetics and spiritual beauty combined with intellectual endeavours’.

Earlier this year, working with Tread Lightly Permaculture, we held our first PDC course at the Satyananda Ashram in Rocklyn. It was a bold experiment mixing yoga and permaculture. We wondered, will it work?
‘Absolutely best site you could have come up with’.
‘Absolutely loved the blend of permaculture and yoga. The lifestyles’ fit together beautifully’.
‘Work rest balance was beautifully calibrated’.


Yes folks, due to popular demand and the overwhelming positive response of the participants, in February next year, we are going to do it again, mixing a Permaculture Design Certificate course with Yoga.  Again, we are assembling some of the best permaculture tutors including permaculture co-founder David Holmgren, Ian Lillington, Beck Lowe, Angela Enbom, Patrick Arnts and Simon Reid.

‘Teachers were very well organized, confident, enthusiastic and knowledgeable’.

‘All amazing, genuine & generous. – yes I valued the diversity’.

‘The caring nature of all the presenters shone through and having the opportunity to eat with and socialize with presenters and the Ashram people has been just amazing’.

IMG_1723Why don’t you be the one to take part in the “life-changing, horizon expanding” experience? This PDC course is designed along the twelve principles Holmgren devised and detailed in Permaculture: principles and pathways beyond sustainability.  It is a fully catered (by none other than Su Dennett and the Ashram cooks) residential course.

‘More than exceeded my expectations’.

‘I came wanting to get direction on how to apply permaculture to my property, but got so much more’.

‘Left feeling inspired’.

‘Touched deeply by these 10 days’.

Course size is limited to guarantee individual attention.


3 thoughts on “PDC (+ yoga) starts this week”

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  3. Hello,
    I am from Brazil, and there I leve in a community, called Piracanga. I am responsable for our work with permaculture, witch a team, we are a colletive: “escola da natureza”, so now I am travelling for Australia, until 22 feb, and I am travelling for centres and interestings experiences in this blessed country.
    I would love to participate the course, and I am willing to collaborate before, during and after the course.
    I am facilitator of circular dances , master of reiki, and I can work with practical things that need too, then I ask a scholarship to attend this course , and certanly the Piracanga doors are always open for when you want to attend a course / season l’ also.
    So thank you since now.
    Maira Sagnori de Mattos

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