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Weed Ecology and Edible Weeds Adventure Walk

What is ‘natural’? Can something become ‘native’? What is a ‘weed’? What can we learn from so called ‘novel ecosystems’ that may help us learn to create new sustainable ways of living on this changing planet?
If that sounds interesting (and it should!), come join David Holmgren and Adam Grub on a once-only adventurous walk through a fascinating emergent urban ecology in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.
Not for the faint of heart, or unsteady of foot, the walk will take us along slippery tracks, through crawl spaces, and in proximity to wild bees and possibly snakes.  But if you’re up for a once-in-a-lifetime educational adventure, sign up quick, because places are very limited.
David will be seeing this area for the first time.  Trust us, this will be fun.  Adam will be there to help explain some of the edible and other uses of the plant species we’ll encounter.
The walk starts on Nov 30 at 10am and goes on for four hours. it will cost you $90. Once you register, you’ll be contacted with the secret starting location, a week before the walk. It will be accessible by car, public transport or bicycle.
For the last 25 years David, with the help of the local community, has been managing degraded gullies and creeks near his home in Hepburn Springs, without the use of herbicides, while restoring fertility and establishing timber and food resources for future generations and wildlife (see Spring Creek community forest for more details).
He has spent many years studying the native ecologies of Central Victoria, but he’s also a sometimes outspoken critic of the ideology known as ‘nativism’ (see “Weeds or wild nature” for example).
Adam is the co-author (with Annie Raser-Rowland) of The Weed Forager’s Handbook: Edible and Medicinal Weeds of Australia.
More about the tour and booking, please click here.


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