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Extra tours on May 3

Due to the public demand, one extra tour date is added. We offer Melliodra tours, both solar house tour in the morning and farm garden tour in the afternoon on Saturday May 3. Please go to the online shop to make your booking. This will be the last tour until September.

As the air cools down, the Melliodora open house and garden tours will come to a close. We will have a break during the cooler months before we open our sustainable house and abundant property once again in September.
david_holmgren_house_tour_01-1024x755There are still two more tours where you can see Melliodora with an autumnal aura. Permaculture cofounder David Holmgren will lead you through the house and the garden farm he designed, built and maintains with his partner Su Dennett.
When it is getting cooler outside, inside the house the temperature remains comfortable without any energy input. Would you like to find out how it can be done? The easiest way is to see a working model, like the one at Melliodora. Come to the sustainable house tour during the morning and find out for yourself. You will also discover how life is possible without weekly trips to the supermarket. How to minimise your ecological footprint and go locavore, build a more resilient household economy, and much more. Throughout the morning tour, David and Su will show you the strategies and tactics they employ to these ends and other ideas that can be applied in your home.
In the afternoon David will take you around the garden farm system. What are some of the key strategies to employ to maximise the yield from your garden? How can you incorporate animals in your garden? How can you design the famed “food forest”?  Your hosts will show examples as well as explain the guiding principles which you can take home and adapt to your own conditions.
timthumbTour participants will be treated to yummy morning and afternoon teas, prepared by Su, using mostly local ingredients. Also on the day, our extensive catalogue of hard-to-get-hold-of books and other resources, will be on sale at special prices.
No need to remind you now perhaps, but the May 4 tours will be the last opportunity to see Melliodora’s house and garden until September. Do not miss out on this opportunity. See more details including the address on our Events page. Book early so that you don’t miss out.
To give you a taste, here’s the photos and account from one happy tour participant in our March tours (Photos in this post are from the Permacultured website. Thanks Tatyana).


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