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Three new Writings in French

A huge thank you to Sébastien Marot for taking the time to translate three of David’s Writings into French:

Money vs Fossil Energy: The battle for control of the world (2010) – Argent versus énergie fossile: Une bataille pour le contrôle du monde [309 KB]

Crash on Demand: Welcome to the Brown Tech Future (2013) – Crash à la demande : Bienvenue dans le futur Brown Tech [1 MB]

Fusion Futures (2023) – Les Futurs de la fusion [1.6 MB]


A teacher and historian specialising in architectural theory, Sébastien Marot is one of the leading voices in the conceptualisation of landscaping and the design of rural environments. Educated in philosophy, he holds a PhD in History from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales.

Sébastien teaches environmental history at the école Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Est, and at the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne.

Throughout his career as a researcher, his interest has been focused on contemporary architectural theory, urban design and landscaping, an interest that has recently centred on rural areas.

In 2019 he curated the exhibition Taking the Country’s Side: Agriculture and Architecture for the Lisbon Architecture Triennial, which included a keynote address from David Holmgren.

The book, Comment s’orienter: permaculture et descente énergétique, featuring several essays by David translated by Sébastien, was recently published by Wildproject, Marseille 2023.


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Do With Su

I am very excited about the launch of Do with Su on the Holmgren Hub. It is a culmination of a long process for my partner in love and livelihood to share her skills, passion and wisdom with a wider audience.

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