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Tour on track

The Foss/Holmgren National Tour has had large crowds attend in Sydney, Newcastle, Nambour in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Fremantle so far and when the tour is over we will report on the whole three weeks.
For now, please make sure you don’t miss out as there are only four more opportunities to hear this dynamic duo.
July 13 (Sun) “Crash or crash through” workshop (Holmgren 1-4pm) at Creative Collective in Lara near Geelong
July 11 (Fri) Daylesford (H & F 7pm)
July 15 (Tue) Melbourne (H & F 7pm)
July 19 (Sat) Hobart (Holmgren 6.30pm)

Nicole (with Jill Emberson) and David being interviewed in respective studios in Sydney.


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