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Come, stay and learn, a residential course at Melliodora

Melliodora introduces a new course this season, a 7 day residential one with special focus on Spring seasonal activities. The course is for people interested in the self-reliant lifestyle based on permaculture principles. You will participate in the key tasks that determine the scope and diversity of the coming season while eating from last season’s abundance at Melliodora, the renowned permaculture demonstration site.   

The course focuses on the activities of the season in the kitchen, garden and orchard including;

  • garden bed preparation, compost and mulch harvest
  •  seeding and transplanting seedlings
  • greenhouse management
  • food harvesting and preparation
  • small live stock and tree fodder management
  • orchard management
  • urban forestry and firewood management

This course is a unique opportunity to share house and living in a mature permaculture system guided by permaculture co-originator David Holmgren, his partner  Su Dennett and Melliodora office manger  Rick Tanaka, all with decades of experience in self reliant living. Please book early as the available places are strictly limited.



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