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Principles beyond the borders: seven and more in the pipeline

Principles in Translations
Earlier this month we reported that David Holmgren’s seminal Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond sustainability is now available in French.
Published by rue de l’echiquier, Permaculture sits very nicely with the very interesting and thought provoking titles in their « Initial(e)s DD » series. What is so special about the French edition by the way, is the addition of the preface written by Yves Cochet, esteemed enviro campaigner in France, former cabinet minister, now a Greens’ MP in the European parliament. We are hoping to get it translated into English so that non-French readers can share his thoughts.
Now, with the French edition  the book is available in seven languages as you can see in the picture (eight if you include the English edition published in the UK).  The author of the book in the picture no doubt wishes if he could read all of these, and sends many thanks to the translators, editors and publishers. If you know someone who should read the book, but whose mother tongue is not  English, maybe you can recommend them  Permaculture Principles in their native languages if it is  Spanish, Portugues, Italian, Czech, Japanese or French.


To add to the list, we are happy to announce that the permaculture classic title is almost ready in Korean. We have not seen it yet, but the local publisher Borim Press told us the publication is imminent. Will let you know more about it soon, so that you can spread the word amongst your Korean friends. (The book 퍼머컬처 is officially published on Oct 31. Read more about it here in Korean.)
Do not despair if your preferred language is none of the above, we are working on all fronts for many different languages, but especially German and Chinese. The 大地旅人/Earth Passengers in Taiwan is in the final stages and the Chinese edition should be ready before the end of the year. Germany’s Drachen Verlag has revised the release date, and now looking at early 2015 for the release of the German translation.
To give you a taste, here is a draft cover from the Chinese edition and the most recent news from the German publisher. Interesting how the word permaculture looks in different languages. With the addition of the Korean and Chinese, along with the Japanese translation already available, it seems that permaculture has finally taken off in East Asia, as well as in Europe.
DV-Vorschau_2014-Permakultur copy


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