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Permaculture Forestry Course

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Permaculture Forestry Course – presented by Holmgren Design and Regrarians
(This course is now fully booked.)

The complementary knowledge and skill sets of permaculture co-originator David Holmgren and Regrarians whole farm planner Darren Doherty come together for four days of presentations, discussions, site tours and practical activities in April 2015.

For owners of small areas of forest, this course will show the low cost ways to reduce fire hazard, improve amenity, obtain a yield and improve future timber and environmental values.

For farmers wanting to better integrate and manage timber trees within their farm landscape, this course will provide an overview of tree growing systems, species, management techniques and value added processing options that will diversify and strength the farm economy.

For environmental activists wanting to deepen their knowledge of sustainable forestry, bioenergy, catchment management and novel ecosystems to create a better world, this course offers an opportunity to learn from greenies with chainsaws.

For those already with training or experience in farm forestry, this is an opportunity to glean and share new ideas with two sustainable land use innovators from outside the bounds of the forestry profession who have made a significant contribution over decades to the resurgence of interest in farm forestry.

Using the concepts of permaculture, keyline, riparian rehydration, holistic management and ProSilva the course will provide a deep foundation for practical forestry in both natural and planted timber forests that provide environmental services and secondary yields of fuel, fodder, nectar and food.

Holmgren’s home property of Melliodora and the adjacent Spring Creek Community Forest combined with a side trip to Holmgren’s box forest property adjacent the Fryers Forest ecovillage near Castlemaine will provide a range of examples relevant to urban, riparian and farm forestry in mid and high rainfall temperate Australia.

The course venue at Hepburn Springs primary school adjacent Melliodora and Spring Creek Community, provides camp accommodation. The final night’s camping will be at “the Wild” adjacent Fryers Forest ecovillage near Fryerstown.

The course is fully catered with local, in season, organic and wild food at Melliodora and “the Wild”. David Holmgren’s partner Su Dennett, renowned local food advocate, will be catering and their son Oliver will be assisting with course logistics and forestry activities.

David or Darren will lead sessions but both will be present to contribute through the whole course.
If you are engaged in, or enthusiastic about, growing and managing trees and forests for timber and multiple values this course is for you.

See Events for more information.
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2 thoughts on “Permaculture Forestry Course”

  1. Andrew MacMillan

    Hi David & Su – I am very interested to know more about this – dates, costs etc. Please let me know. It sounds awesome! Andrew.

  2. Hi to you all,
    I am writing, in particular, to David Holmgren about a thought that occurred to me that may be nothing but in his hands could be something? Please let me state at the outset that my thought may hardly be original or inspired. I am reading Naomi Kleins latest book, “This Changes Everything” and in it, she talks about moments lost to the ecological movement for lack of a better umbrella term. This morning’s emails brought in another petition to raise awareness of the TPP deals going down in Hawaii. As ever, it is shrouded in virtual mystery and it is not really covered at all in the Australian press, but then again, who still takes much notice of them.
    My thought was, is this a moment? Is this a moment to galvanise public support to at least consider a different economic model when they find out the lengths neo-liberals will go to in order to fulfil their goals. Just saying, but I don’t have a voice. You do, a well earned one so hoped it was worth mentioning.
    Thanks for all the inspiration to live a more fulfilled life.
    Jo Blyth

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