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Milkwood to Melliodora

Photo by Artist as Family

It is with much anticipation and excitement that we share with you the news that Kirsten, Nick and Ashar from Milkwood Permaculture in Kiama will be coming to live here at Melliodora.
In mid-Winter this year, they will be farewelling their friends, family and networks and will be heading our way to do a 12-month residency in permaculture living and homesteading. We reckon we all have a lot to share and learn from each other.
As they write so beautifully on their website:

We’ve found that there’s nothing stronger than a collaborative force, whatever the challenge. Our planet is at tipping point and our role is to help in whatever way we can, and to create momentum by helping other organizations do the same.

We look forward to welcoming you, Nick, Kirsten and Ashar – don’t forget to bring your woollies! xx

milk plus wood
Milk plus wood


4 thoughts on “Milkwood to Melliodora”

  1. What a tour de force! Have a great time you all ! Meanwhile I look forward to inviting you or finding similarly awesome young couple or small family to do a 12 month residency at our 30 years in establishment permaculture in W.A. Fabby idea!
    Bee and Stew from Merri Bee Organic Farmacy Nannup.

  2. That will be wonderful for you all and lovely to have Ashar around I would think 🙂 I have not had the pleasure of meeting Kirsten & Nick but having followed their activities since the beginning (and my goodness how Ashar has grown!), I am looking forward to seeing what Melliodora will bring to their lives.

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