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IMG_4235IMG_4275Come September 7, Melliodora will open its doors again for the popular monthly guided tours. You have a chance to see the truly sustainable household at work in one of the world’s best examples of permaculture exhibition sites at Melliodora. During the day, David Holmgren (co-founder of the permaculture concept) and his partner Su Dennett (inductee of the Hepburn shire’s women’s honour roll for her role in community building) will take you through their house, garden and orchard. From the garden farming food production, preservation and processing, waste disposal, ecological house buiilding and maintainance, energy saving tips, to household economy and community building, they will show you how the permaculturely designed and operated house sustains and recharges their active lives.
We run the “Solar house tour” in the morning and the “Garden farm tour” in the afternoon. You can take part in just one, or attend both on the same day. Your tour price includes, wholesome morning/afternoon tea prepared by Su, as well as a complimentary copy of  Melliodora eBook on CD ($35) which is a record of the first 20 years of development of the site. The eBook details how the Melliodora you see was designed and established, explaining how some of the design decisions were made,  some specific techniques applied, why and how some of the plants were planted where they are, and so on. It will enhance your experience at Melliodora long after you visit here. An ideal reference of your visit here.
Here are some of the testimonials.
Jane Neville Quince, Apple, Pear and Potato
Tatyana Temirbulatova (PermaculturedDavid Holmgren’s House Tour
Permaculture ParrMelliodora Garden Tour
Erin Marteal (Permaculture in Public Gardens)Melliodora Permaculture Farm with David Holmgren
Greg Foyster (Simple Lives)At home with David Holmgren
Jessie(the Rabid Little Hippy)World Permaculture day, David Holmgren and Melliodora and a day off from the kids
The tours are extremely popular, but the places are strictly capped, so please make your bookings as soon as possible, by simply going to our online shop and purchase Melliodora tours.
See you at Melliodora.


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