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Melliodora meanderings

We woke to the possibilities of a brand new day.
We repaired the small jetty to inspire the rain gods.
We shared food with loved ones.
We cleaned windows.
We harvested amaranth.
We marvelled at the colour and tenacity of self-sown seeds.
We welcomed three new MIAOWs (Melliodora Interns and Other Workers). This is James. James completed a permaculture course at Ceres in Melbourne and says he is passionate about nature, organic/bio-dynamic agriculture and working in harmony with the land.
This is Thierry. Thierry is a Canadian WWOOFing around Australia. He did his PDC at the Noosa Forest Retreat with Geoff Lawton. ‘Lately,’ he says, ‘I have been very interested in landscape designing, like the keyline system. This has brought an increased interest on my part in permaculture and the practices and methods used in this type of agriculture.’
And this is Michele. Michele is from Italy and did his PDC with Saviana Parodi in a lovely Italian eco-village.
We admired the abundance of life and death and how they cohabitate so beautifully this time of year.
We had a PDC teacher training get together with Dave Jacke.
We finished rebuilding the little jetty.
And we cleared our schedule for this Thursday to make room for an exciting day of events:


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