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IMG_9227Coming to visit Melliodora is an eye opening experience. If you want to see permaculture in action, this demonstration site is the place for you. See how the well designed house stays cool in the middle of a hot summer. When we had to cancel the tours in February, because of the heatwave conditions and high fire danger, the afternoon temperature outside soared to over 40 degrees. Outside it was unbearable, even in the shade. But inside the house, the temperature was slightly warmer than usual, a relatively cool 28. Would you like to find out how it can be done? The easiest way is to see a working model, like the one at Melliodora. Come to the morning tour guided by David Holmgren and experience the unassisted coolth of the house When it’s cold the same principles create a passively warm house.
Ever thought about life without trips to the supermarket? Dreamed about minimising your ecological footprint and going locavore, building a more  resilient household economy? Throughout the morning tour, David and his partner, Su Dennett can show you the strategies and tactics they employ to these ends and other ideas that can be achieved in your home.
In the afternoon tour (fingers crossed that it won’t be too hot), David will take you around their garden farm system. What are some of the key strategies to employ to maximise the yield from your garden? How can you incorporate animals in your garden? How can you design the famed “food forest”?  Your hosts will show examples as well as explain the guiding principles which you can take home and adapt to your own conditions.
Tour participants will be treated to yummy morning and afternoon teas, prepared by Su. Also on the day, our extensive catalogue of hard-to-get-hold-of books and other resources, will be on sale at special prices.March 2005 Richard Telford placing racks of cut fruit on roof to sun dry.
Remember, the tours in March will be the third last opportunity to see Melliodora house and garden, before the end of the season. Do not miss out on this opportunity. The March Melliodora tours are on March 2. See more details including the address on our Events page. Book early so that you don’t miss out.
(Attention those people who made bookings for the cancelled Feb tours, please get in touch with us if you can to rearrange your bookings.)


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