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Great debate, the video

My essay “Crash On Demand” was the primary influence in framing this year’s Great debate at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne,  so we felt that I had to make time to be there (in the middle of our Rocklyn Ashram residential PDC  plus peak fruit and honey harvest).

With an audience of over 250 it was an opportunity to explain the logic of bottom up permaculture activism in response to the energy descent future and hear some of the other perspectives presented. The dichotomy of the unwieldy title, the dreaded C word and the “vote” gave me the gripes, but it was good fun and an opportunity to catch up with Nicole Foss after our joint public speaking tour last winter.

Here’s yours truly kicking off the debate.


For those people who want to see the whole debate (nearly 2hr long, but you should), here is the entire Great Debate (Nicole Foss, about 35 min mark. About 1.20 min mark begins the summing up, voting and Q and A).


3 thoughts on “Great debate, the video”

  1. Collpase! I’m with David Holmgren. Each and everyone should start to collapse now. But collapsing does require courage, giving up on our addiction to fuel and facing some fears.
    I am surprised at the vote. So what? Do we seriously believe that our way of life, our economy can be tweaked here and there to become non-climate changing, that our economy can be non-destructive? And do we seriously believe that we have time to do that? How much evidence do we need? Perhaps forget the evidence, lets consider the evident: our way of life is ever more decadent, nature is becoming luxury so we need to stop, get out of the game. We need a radical change. A withdrawal. That is to say: lets not play this game anymore: it is not fair, it is damaging, and It is no fun anyway!
    Yep! Collapse now and avoid the rush!

  2. I will say to collaspe! Even I trully believe like Phillip says the lords of war and psychonpate will have room to take over.
    But what I believe also, it’s that we can no longer live in the way Gaia it’s a product for our own use an distraction, because Gaia will push us out of the way.
    I do believe people will keep trying to keep their current confort and it’s why we gonna collapse, why not do what Nicole says we should to slow down and reinvente a new economy more sustainable.
    I’m a bit surprise as nobody have been talk about education, because the futur it’s about what we will be able to bring to our kids, what kind of value we will teach them for a better sustainable living.

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