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Convergence in Penguin

Why do you think you should go to Penguin, Tasmania in March next year? To see its famed “big penguin”, a three metre ferro cement construction built some forty years ago when the town celebrated it’s centenary? Nah, the reason you should be there is of similar vintage, but not quite.

The reason all permaculture folk in Australasia (Australia and Aotearoa, that is) should get down in early March to Penguin is because we are having the Twelfth Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC12) there. APC12 will mark thirty years since the first one and will be a combined event to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the first Organic Festival held in Tomahawk in NE Tasmania.

David Holmgren will be there and will share the honour of keynote speaking along with Nicole Foss and Stuart Hill. As a good permaculture agent provocateur, he urges all participants to follow his lead to get down there in a sensible manner. If you have not done so, please read “Why I haven’t been flying (much)” where he argues various reasons why flying should be the last resort. And yes, there are alternatives to flying to get down to Penguin. For example, he will catch a bus from home, train to Melbourne, then ferry to Devonport, then bus to Penguin, because it is the most sensible way to travel that distance. He challenges all the participants to the APC12, if he can do it, why not you? It is not that difficult really, but you need imagination, organising skills, and plenty of time and capacity to enjoy spending extra time observing the world around you along the journey.

APC12 being an Australasian event, we hope that some from Aotearoa can join in the celebration. If you are you may consider travelling on a freighter ship to Australia, perhaps. It’s not cheap, may not be suitable to your schedule, may take a lot more organising but it can be done. Contact Hamish Jamieson at Freighter Travel in Napier and see what he can come up with. One of the Melliodora residents took a freighter to Kiwiland some years ago, thanks to Hamish, and still fondly remembers it.


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