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Blooming at the Floraide

In May David was asked to write a letter of support for Permaculture Canberra. Permaculture Canberra, along with Urban Agriculture Australia, Canberra City Farm, Permablitz ACT, Canberra Organic Growers, South Coast Producers and Soils for LIfe. They were putting proposal to display an urban farming and permaculture display in the centennery ACT Floriade show.
David thought it a good idea.

Over the last ten years the growth in interest in producing food at home for food security, health and pleasure has substantially exceeded previous waves of interest in the late 1970’s and the late 1980s-early 1990’s. It is very clear that gardeners are hungry for information and inspiration for growing food as part of their living environment. The ACT Floriade  provides an opportunity to reach a sector of the Australian gardening public that might not have been exposed to all of the creative opportunities to grow food at home.
The perception that permaculture specifically, and garden farming more generally, are antithetical to gardening for aesthetic pleasure, is a common one. This false impression can be overturned by well presented and integrated examples of food, herb and flower growing that are ecologically sound, productive and aesthetically pleasing. The proposal has the potential to make a contribution in this regard.
I am particularly pleased to support a proposal where so many local and regional groups, some with a history going back decades are partnering to bring the best of organics and permaculture generally to the gardening public.  I think the synergies that will come from this partnership could enable greater appreciation, by the public as well as  policy makers, of productive environmentalism.
For Floriade, I think this proposal is an opportunity to expand the environmental credentials of the event by responding the burgeoning public interest in food growing as a natural and normal part of our living environment.

They got the gig, and judging from their facebook entries, it was a resounding success.
They received a big pat on the shoulder from the event’s organisers as well.

The display delivered by Urban Agriculture Australia was of a very high standard and all those
involved were extremely professional……..
Urban Agriculture Australia had a
large contingent of volunteers who provided an interactive experience for visitors for the full 30 days of Floriade and 5 nights of NightFest.
The display proved to be extremely popular with visitors, with many of them leaving having indicated that they intended to recreate aspects of the display in their own garden.
On top of the display Urban Agriculture Australia volunteers also delivered two talks each day during the full month of Floriade. These talks were well attended and delivered in a very professional manner.

Well done guys.


1 thought on “Blooming at the Floraide”

  1. Thanks for the support guys! This was such an exciting project right from the start. A lot of people were very surprised to find out permaculture was as much about community design and building as it is food production.
    We had great support from Costa and Mike Jefferie, the ex Governor General and local Wirradgari Elder Shane Mortimer – coming to his first Floriade just to visit our display.
    We are really hoping we can be involved in Floriade next year, but for now we are concerntrating on securing a parcel of land from the ACT Government for a City Farm.
    Maybe we’ll do some pop-up permaculture inbetween!
    Martyn Noakes
    Permaculture Canberra

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