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Changing Gears - BookThree new books have recently been added to our expanding online shop. We choose what we carry in our online shop, distributing what we like and what we think deserves to be distributed. In other words, the titles we distribute carry our seal of approval.
If you are looking for something to give to your dearest for the festive season, or a birthday, please take a look at our online shop.
Recently we added Changing Gears by Greg Foyster. It’s a story of life changing down a gear or two, and doing so most graphically through changing mode of travel. Greg quited his job in advertising to attempt to live more simply. Looking for inspiration, he and his partner Sophie Chishkovsky, hopped on their pushbikes and set off from Melbourne for Far North Queensland, scouting out ideas as they went. Along the way they dropped in to many interesting places (including Melliodora), met and spoken to many inspiring and eccentric characters. It is an inspiring read.
Earth Render - BookWhile Changing Gears makes an ideal gift for prospective life-changers, Earth Render is for an aspiring shelter builder. It is beautifully put together (as are his buildings) by James Henderson, the local earth building expert. We know how good he is because he did work on the studio at Melliodora. His beautifully constructed earth floor is an excellent example of the skill and care James takes when working with the medium of earth. His many years of experience in Australia and overseas is evident in this book he offers for the benefit of those who want to do it for themselves.
As well, we have recently stocked up on a Sci-fi novel writtten and published by a permaculture activist, Brian Love. This novel is the testament of a teenage drug dealer’s initiation into a metamodernist tribe, and their aspirations toward human speciation upon an irradiated island that lies beyond civilization. Set in a near future world wracked by climate change, peak oil, and American imperialism, he confronts the same exigent questions of life, love, and destiny that we share in the present day.
Entheogenesis is so real because Brian Love is much more than a writer who carefully researches his subject…  He has lived many of the realities he describes,” remarked David Holmgren when he first read the draft.  Along with Su Dennett, David met Brian Love at Earthaven Ecovillage where Brian lived for nine years “as a master builder, permaculture designer, organic farmer, ecological forester, and renewable energy installer”. Little wonder how vivid and realistic he describes some of the scenarios David touches on in his Future Scenarios.
entheogenesisAs well as the permaculture enthusiasts and those interested in geopolitics and Future Scenarios, fans of Terence McKenna, PK Dick, Aldous Huxley and other authors from the psychedelic literature tradition, would be sure to appreciate this title.
The crafting of this publication on 25% Canadian hemp paper is something special and is in keeping with one of the themes of the story that books rather than the internet may be a key to cultural survival in the future.


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