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1977279_632012303546062_923391308_nOn May 24th, people around the globe will take to the street again demanding a permanent ban on genetically modified food. Millions of citizens in more than fifty countries, in over 400 cities, are expected to take part. You can find what’s being planned in your local area on the March Against Monsanto official website.

As the Centre for Public Integrity reports, a mysterious kidney disease has claimed the lives of thousands of farmers in Sri Lanka, India and Central America. Scientists have not yet figured out the cause of the deadly disease but suspect a “combination of factors including chronic dehydration from hard labor in tropical heat and exposure to toxins such as pesticides”. In March, the Sri Lankan government banned glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup as it was convinced the killer kidney disease is linked to the product. The ban has been put on hold due to the protest from a government minister and some scientists. It is not yet certain whether or not the Sri Lankan government will stick to its original decision, certainly it is not the only country where the herbicide’s health risk is being reviewed. The recently elected El Salvadorian president, Salvador Sánchez-Cerén, is said to be keen on ratifying the ban on glyphosate and other agrochemicals passed by the country’s parliament last September. In Brazil, a prosecutor Anselmo Lopes, recently requested a ban on glyphosate and other agrochemicals.  In Australia, an organic farmer Steve Marsh took his neighbouring GM canola farmer to court in Western Australia, for the contamination of his farm and subsequent loss of certification.

taken by David Maclean in Oamaru, the world's steampunk capital.
taken by David Maclean in Oamaru, the world’s steampunk capital.

Time to think more about genetically modified food in general and Monsanto in particular, and time to demand our food sovereignty back from the grip of the corporations. David Holmgren and Su Dennett from Melliodora will join the Dance Against Monsanto event in Melbourne, on the 24th. David will be speaking about what we can do. He will be followed by Charlie Mgee, our stablemate and permaculture Ukelele troubadour, with his Formidable Vegetable Sound System.

Come join us on the global day of action against Monsanto. More details can be found on our even page.


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  1. Hi! I was at the rally today and just want to thank you. Even though it was a small group and possibly ‘preaching to the converted’ I love what you say about not getting stuck fighting the current system but creating the world we want – sustainable, equitable and one with a whole lot more good food! Also I like the sensible and do-able advice about shopping organic (particularly wheat) to shrink profits to companies like Monsanto. I regard you and Su as an inspiration.

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