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Singing our autumn song

We are happy to report that feijoa season is officially open here in central Victoria. Hooray! A special big thanks to the rosellas for leaving us some on the ground to harvest. If you live nearby come on down on Wednesday afternoon. We’ll have some to purchase for $4 a kilo.
We’d love to say that we have excess quinoa and cherry guavas to share too, but this season we just have enough for home use.
mitch and james quinoa
cherry guavas
While we thank the rosellas, the white-winged choughs stand by awaiting their praise for doing such a neat job digging up the garden and everything we’ve just planted.
As a guard against beak and wind, and to later use as stakes, we left half the corn stalks in place and planted the broadbeans alongside them.
planting broadbeans
We received a copy of a new book just released in Chile – a permaculure book for children.
We spent some time off-site, helping to build a house in the community of Fryers Forest.
strawbale building“Yep, let’s put the swimming pool over here.”
gully abyss
We also undertook some earthworks of our own, removing a crumbling stone wall so we can reconstruct another sturdier one.
We also had some larger earthworks done, to dig out the nutrient-rich silt from the goose pond while it’s empty.
We shovelled the thick mud to use for various projects
earthworks3including to help repair a leaky dam in the gully
earthworks4and beautify our persons.
earthworks5Exhausted and satisfied, we sat down to share a meal together.
colourful lunchSome of us snoozed peacefully in the hot house,
asleep in hot house
while some of us embraced one another out of comfort and a deep need to express our abundant love.
orgy of pumpkins


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