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2021 Venie Holmgren Environmental Poetry Prize winner

We received nearly 200 entries to the Venie Prize this year – thank you to all the poets who took the time to compose their heartfelt and mindfelt reflections.

This year the two judges were Carissa Lee and John Charles Ryan. As John said after reading the poems, ‘Thanks again for the opportunity to judge the prize – it was a pleasure to read the submissions and feel poets’ passion for the environment.’

A huge thank you to the judges for selecting the winning poem for this year’s Prize, as well as two highly commended poems. Without further ado….

The winner of the 2021 Venie Holmgren Environmental Poetry Prize

Carried from Hell’s Gate, Tasmania by Kerry Greer.
Here is Kerry reading her award winning poem:

The two Highly Commended poems are

Saving Angelthe by Meg Mooney
You can hear Meg reading her poem here:

Carving the Golem by Kristen Lang – Also Highly Commended in 2019.
You can hear Kristen reading her poem here:

This year’s Packing Room Prize

(as chosen by the Holmgren Design office staff) was also awarded to Carried from Hell’s Gate, Tasmania by Kerry Greer, the first time in the history of the Prize that the Packing Room Prize and the main Prize are the same poem.

Because this year is the year that it is, we are not going to have a special ceremony or online event announcing the winning and two highly commended poems.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make the Venie Prize a success this year: all the poets who submitted poems, Carissa and John, our judges, Jessica Wilkinson and the team at Rabbit: a journal for nonfiction poetry for once again partnering with us, David Holmgren and Su Dennett, and the ever-present memory of Venie Holmgren.


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