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2018 Advanced Permaculture Planning + Design Process

Have you completed a PDC but feel there is more you’d like to learn?
Are you interested in design principles and ethics but are not quite sure how to integrate the processes into your thinking, designing and decision making?
On this four-day residential course, tutors David Holmgren and Dan Palmer will take you through various approaches and methods that they implement in their own design processes to help you establish your own framework for designing and living. Here is the rundown of the April 2017 course:

2017 course participants + presenters

After the inaugural Advanced Permaculture Planning and Design Process course, Dan wrote a comprehensive overview of the 4-day residential, which is highly recommended reading.
Participants are encouraged to arrive on the night of April 2 and camp over, ready to begin the course at 9am on the 3rd. Dinner will be provided on the 2nd, and brekky on the 3rd, as well as all subsequent meals for the duration of the course.
The course is limited to 30 participants and bookings are essential. Once you have booked you will be sent more details.
More information + bookings here.


4 thoughts on “2018 Advanced Permaculture Planning + Design Process”

  1. Hi
    Do you know of any car-pooling that may be happening from Melbourne to Hepburn? I will be travelling from Tasmania and I am trying to work out the least hassle way of getting to Hepburn.

  2. G’day, I’ll also be arriving in Melbourne on the 1st or 2nd, would be interested in car pooling but you an also catch a train out to Daylesford from Melbourne, another option I am looking into at the moment.
    FYI, see link below Phillip. The fastest route takes 2 hours and 3 mins from Melbs – Daylesford and a further 45 mins or so from Daylesford to Hepburn on public transport.

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