Winter Reading: Staff Picks

by Annie Raser-Rowland & Adam Grub

While it seems like frugality and hedonism would be mutually exclusive, I now know they can go hand in hand – and my life is all the better for finding that sweet spot. 

I highly recommend The Art of Frugal Hedonism to anyone who wants to live a more intentional and fulfilling life without breaking the bank. I actually read it aloud to my partner and together we did activities from the book which was a whole lot of fun.

~ Seth

by Nigel Palmer

Inspired by Korean Natural Farming principles, Nigel Palmer is all about tapping into local waste streams to make mineral rich and biologically active drenches, foliar sprays and amendments. He’s like the Ottolenghi of gardening: plant food made simple. 

From culturing indigenous microorganisms (IMO) to fermenting fish in your living room, this regenerative cookbook will become one of those well thumbed and grimy bibles that’s never far from your elbow. 

~ Catie

by Matthew Evans

It’s possible that I am developing little soil obsession and Soil by Matthew Evans is helping me along that path.

It’s a fascinating read about the magic that happens beneath our feet and how the health of our soil impacts on climate, diet, health and, well everything. Let’s look after our precious planet and create some delicious healthy soil people!

Important stuff.

~ Kathryn

by Sandor Katz

At this time of year, I always have my copy of Sandor Katz’s Wild Fermentation on hand, so I can make the most of the season’s abundance to ferment and store for the winter months when my immune system needs a top up.

~ Meg

by Carol Deppe

The recent Australian Permaculture Convergence was resilience-themed, so in preparation for one of my presentations, I looked for inspiration in an old favourite of mine, Carol Deppe’s The Resilient Gardener

I was reminded of what a wise, funny and down-to-earth writer Carol is. This is a great book for not just food-growing basics, but also the philosophy of household food growing and resilience – definitely a book for our times!

~ Beck

by Rowan Reid

It’s hard for me to pick a book between the “oldie but goldies” like The Seed Savers Handbook or Linda Woodrow’s novel 470, bringing to life the pain, passion and transformation of currently unfolding Energy Descent through empowering story. 

But I think the forester, carpenter, furniture maker and tree nut in me draws me back to reread fellow forester Rowan Reid’s Heartwood; the art and science of growing trees for conservation and profit

The way a life lived with trees is framed through each chapter focused on one timber species, its unique qualities and the lessons learnt, growing, harvesting and making with wood is a brilliant example of the permaculture principle “Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services”.

~ David

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