Melliodora 2022

Permaculture Design Course

with David Holmgren, Beck Lowe & Guests

Friday 4 March – Saturday 19 March 


Thanks for putting in an expression of interest for the Holmgren Design Ashram Permaculture Design Course. We have received plenty of wonderful applications, so thank you so much for taking the time to answer the questions with such consideration.

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we will not be able to hold the PDC at the Ashram in March 2022.

If you are not already aware of David’s writing on this topic, we encourage you to check out his ‘Pandemic Brooding‘ essay.

After much consideration, Su and David have decided to hold the March 2022 PDC at Melliodora instead.

Although our tutors and many of our field trips will remain the same, this will give the PDC quite a different feel. We may be able to organise some yoga sessions, but the course will no longer be entwined with yoga as it is at the Ashram.

Facilities and accommodation will be ‘rougher’ than the Ashram as Melliodora was not designed for large groups staying for multiple days. Bathroom facilities will be basic, and showering every day will not be an option (although there will be showers available for more limited use, and a dam to swim in for unlimited use). Space for classroom teaching and relaxing afterwards will be limited but adequate.

Accommodation will be camping only, onsite or on neighbouring properties (although you could choose to stay in accommodation in town at your own expense).

On the other hand, holding the PDC at Melliodora has many advantages – not least of which is a greater immersion in this long-running permaculture property. You will also experience the household and community non-monetary economies operating in the local area. It will be a more intimate course as we will need to restrict participant numbers to 20. Travel times to other field trips may also be reduced.

So what would you like us to do with your EOI – Is the PDC at Melliodora of interest to you? Or would you rather have your EOI carry over to 2023 when hopefully we will be back at the Ashram? There is also a third option – we’ll be starting an online PDC next year as well, so let us know if that might be of interest to you. Please fill out this form [link] and let us know your preferences.

All the best from the PDC team.

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The following books are available for order at a discounted price when you register and can be collected when you arrive at the PDC. Please note they cannot be posted to you beforehand.

Only available with event booking + pick up at PDC


Only available with event booking + pick up at PDC


Only available with event booking + pick up at PDC


Only available with event booking + pick up at PDC


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