Crash on Demand: radio interview (3)

radioDavid Holmgren appears on C-realm’s weekly podcast #401 titled “Psycho-social Debt Jubilee” hosted by KMO in which he discussed his recent essay, Crash on Demand: Welcome to the Brown Tech Future as well as his earlier essay, Money Vs Fossil Energy: the Battle for Control of the World.

David has been tracking the onset of climate change and peak oil for many years, but he says that in recent years, largely due to the work of Steve Keen and Nicole Foss, he has come to see financial systems as the fastest moving and most volatile element in emerging global crisis. He describes why he considers the Bush administration to have been guided by a certain energy realism lacking in too many social and climate activists. Finally, he describes why he thinks that multiple generations of mass affluence has left us saddled with a psycho-social debt that will be very difficult for us to discharge.

KMO’s conversation with David Holmgren, “Psycho-social Debt Jubilee” is found at C-Realm podcast page here.

You can also listen to other interviews David has done on the same subjects, Crash on Demand: radio interview (1) and Crash on Demand: radio interview (2).  Read also what the great thinkers and activists in the sustainability community, such as Dimitry Orlov, Albert Bates, Rob Hopkins, Nicole Foss, John Michael Greer, David MacLeod and many others,  think about the essay, in  Crash on Demand, the discussion so far.

As well you may be interested in the following video interview David did for Pip Australian permaculture magazine, “How you can change the world with permaculture”. Here David discusses “Crash On Demand” with a slightly more positive spin.


Still on the subject, he has also compiled what could be termed as a concise summary of “Crash on Demand”.
Crash on Demand, a concise version
We recommend you read the whole essay first, though.

2 Responses to Crash on Demand: radio interview (3)

  1. TommY BoY February 15, 2014 at 1:56 am #

    David, what a pity it cuts out at 50:23 as you were discussing some very important ideas. You joked about NSA surveillance in your 21st Century Permaculture interview with Stefan, then the line gets cut in this C-Realm interview just as you were getting warmed up. Maybe Nicole Foss is onto something, have your ideas become too threatening? Did the NSA pulled the plug on you? : )

  2. Adam February 21, 2014 at 1:50 pm #

    This is a really good interview. Yes, shame David got cut off.

    BTW, David says the “power comes from oil/physical resources” vs “power comes from money/human ingenuity” ideological distinction might be more useful than the old left/right distinction. So I thought I’d mention that the book The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haight breathed some new life into the old left/right model for me, bringing a personality type / moral sensitivity angle to it. (Conservatives, he argues, have a much broader conception of morals.)

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