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The household level counts

8673479525_4ea29d4776David Holmgren’s comment entitled “The household level counts” was published in the latest issue of Arena magazine (#123) and following is the first few paragraphs of the piece.

Andy Scerri’s critique of Patrick Jones’ articulation of self-reliance, localism, and gift economies (Arena #115) is a familiar argument that has been used over the last thirty years to dismiss permaculture and related environmental activism by more traditional political activists.
The harsh reality is that neither pathway has significantly impeded the headlong rush of industrial modernity towards the ‘limits to growth’ cliff so accurately modelled 40 years ago by Meadows et al. I am more than ready to acknowledge that ‘our’ collective efforts at positive environmentalism during and since the 1970s have so far failed to catalyse the necessary changes in society, but Andy Scerri’s assertion that composting your private garden counts for nothing, reflects an ignorance of several structural and systemic factors driving and constraining social change. Continue Reading →


Oi da Australia

This is the video message sent from David Holmgren for the launch of his Principles book in Portuguese, “Permacultura: príncípíos e camínhos além da sustentabílídade” published in Brasil.




page_1_thumb_mediumFinalmente estamos lançando em Português o livro “Permacultura, Princîpios e caminhos além da Sustentabilidade”. Neste livro, Holmgren evolui o conceito co-criado por ele e Bill Mollison nos anos 70.

Traz uma visão clara, afiada e afinada – apresentando a co-relação entre os aspectos de como organizamos a nossa vida, vida comunitária e paisagismo e a nossa abilidade de se adaptar  criativamente  para a realidade ecológica que formarão o destino da humanidade.

A análise da situação global combinada com a sua dedicação e experiência prática, gerou estes 12 princípios – que oferecem propostas claras de como a sociedade pode se adaptar aos desafios presentes. Apesar de ser um livro de idéias, Holmgren mostra em linhas práticas e vivenciais através do seu espaço Melliodora. Um livro que vai muito além da Permacultura – essencial para qualquer pessoa que queira viver e ir além da Sustentabilidade.

O livro em Português pode ser encontrado no site da publicadora Via Sapiens.


Principles In Portuguese

420772_369164723193072_1428489395_nPermaculture Principles in PortugueseWe are pleased to announce that the Portugues language edition of David Holmgren’s seminal tome, Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability,  has been published in Brasil by Via Sapins. The book is available at all good bookstores and from the publisher’s online store.


From radiation ravaged Fukushima to permaculture future

Still from the TBS news article

Last month a dozen students from Minamisoma city, from radiation ravaged Fukushima prefecture, visited the Hepburn district. They inspected Hepburn Wind’s locally owned wind farm before coming to tour Melliodora. We hope they have learned an alternative pathway to the nuclear powered life.

The story of their visit to Australia went to air through a Japan’s national TV network, TBS on April 9, and can be viewed from this link (obviously it is in Japanese).

Letter of thanks from Fukushima visitors

Letter of thanks from Fukushima visitors

Following you can see from the letter of thanks from the organisers of the visit, the kids had some inspirational time, away from radiation contamination. No doubt we will stay in touch with the project.


Visitors to Melliodora

1303-melliodora-02Recently we had Nick Ritar from Milkwood near Mudgee visiting Melliodora along with Dave and Emily Jacke from the US.

We had a fabulous time having them here, and judging from what Nick has to say, the feeling is mutual.

For people around Sydney, Nick is organising a two day advanced principles course with David Holmgren in July in Sydney.

More details can be found here.


Su Dennett inducted to the Honour Roll

Su receiving her award

Su Dennett, David Holmgren’s partner in permaculture development and the backbone of the HD, was inducted to the Hepburn Shire’s Women’s Honour Roll.

Su was recognised as a role model for women choosing a home and community based lifestyle as an empowering and effective way to contribute to a better world.

You can read her induction speech written and delivered by Dr Anne Gleeson on this year’s International Women’s Day ceremony.

Su Dennett and friends

Onya Su, we are so privilaged to be sharing life with you.

Two women inducted to Hepburn Shire honour roll (the local Advocate newspaper article).

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In Spanish

Permacultura, Principios y senderos mas allá de la sustentabilidad de David Holmgren
 libro recientemente editado en castellaellano.



Este es el libro tan esperado por los permacultores de habla hispana, seguidores de los pasos de David Holmgren, co-creador de la Permacultura.  En este nuevo libro Holmgren hace un propio rediseño de sus ideas iniciales, permitiendo que la permacultura a una nueva etapa de mayor alcance en las propuestas para el cambio. La union de su amplio análisis de la situación global, con su dedicación por años en el trabajo de campo, ha generado estos 12 principios de diseño de permacultura que ofrecen propuestas claras para diseñar sociedades que puedan adaptarse a los desafíos presentes.

Sus páginas se convierten en un material clave para todos aquellos que quieran aplicar la permacultura.

Distibuye Instituto Argentino de permacultura  •   [email protected]  •  [email protected]

Consultar por distribución directa en España y México y otros países!


Read it in Japanese

The  Japanese language edition of David Holmgren’s seminal tome, Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability, translated by Rick Tanaka, is now available, in two volumes.


Also available in Japanese is David’s Future Scenarios.




Melliodora Apprentice journal

Our 2012 apprentice Gabriel Engle posted regularly on the online Melliodora apprenticeship journal.

Gabriel Engle receiving the Melliodora Apprenticeship certificate 2012

Gabriel Engle receiving the 2012 Melliodora Permaculture Apprenticeship certificate