Busy lil bees

The quinoa is finally ready so Mitch and Sanami spend a morning harvesting. Mitch has spent much time in Japan since 2002 and is happy to be able to practice his Japanese, impressing all of us.

quinoa harvesting

Sanami is one of the MIAOWs (Melliodora Interns and Other Workers) currently working, learning and sharing with us. She has been in Australia for two months. Before Melliodora she was helping out at Birrith Birrith.

Sanami and Anna have been up to all kinds of wonderful mischief including cutting up the last of the apples to dehydrate in our fancy dehydrator ie. up on the roof.

apple dehydrating

Anna, also a MIAOW, has a PDC and has spent time at the Permaculture Research Institute. Anna used to work in Melbourne as a wind engineer where she designed wind farms and wind monitoring campaigns, but now likes to spend her time immersing herself in the sensuality of soil.


We have been harvesting the last of our corn this week. Drying some for seed and cooking

corn shucking

and blanching some before freezing it for use over the winter months.

corn blanching

We have successfully experimented cooking in a GoSun stove that was gifted to us.

solar cooking

solar cooker

We netted the fig trees, though sadly we lost kilos and kilos as it rained (hooray!) and the water penetrated them causing them to ferment on the trees. Fig chutney anyone?

fig nets

We encouraged people to boycott shopping at the supermarket by setting up our table of bulk food on the same day as people come by to collect their veggie boxes.

bulk food

And when we needed some quiet we sat down to the meditative task of separating grains, as a bag of flax seeds had been contaminated with wild oats.

quiet work

We had a meeting with Annie Raser-Rowland and Adam Grubb to discuss their exciting new project.

Annie and Meg

We started work on rebuilding a jetty for the dam.

building jetty

And before the cooler months start, we harvested the honey from the hives. 117kg so far from 7 hives.


su bees

anna david honey

sanami honey

That’s it from us for now. We hope all is deliciously sticky and sweet in your lives too.


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  1. Patrick March 17, 2016 at 1:56 pm #

    “117kg so far from 7 hives”…Wow, that’s superb (damn those dentists and their meddling!)

  2. Matt Gillespie May 11, 2016 at 7:41 am #

    Happy to see you all enjoying the stove!

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