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Read it in Japanese

The  Japanese language edition of David Holmgren’s seminal tome, Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability, translated by Rick Tanaka, is now available, in two volumes.


Also available in Japanese is David’s Future Scenarios.




Strategies for transition

GroAction Interview with Luke Miller Callahan in 2011

How do we move away from a fossil-fuel based society? In this interview, David Holmgren discusses the strategies for transition. For all you suburbia nay-sayers out there, this discussion will be especially interesting to you.

See also an excellent post by David MacLeod on Integral Permaculture.


Interview with Heidi Snel (2005)

This interview was made by Heidi Snel, ÖKOFILM (, during the IPC7 (7th International Permaculture Convergence) in Motovun, Croatia in june 2005.

* The power of Permaculture
* The Future of this Earth
* The role of cities in the Future


In Part 2, David Holmgren speaks about the “agro-rebel” Sepp Holzer after his first visit to Sepp´s farm. He also gives some short thoughts about natural farming of Masanobu Fukuoka.



Permaculture co-founder steps into limelight

The CSIRO’s Ted Lefroy says it is not easy to measure how many aspects of permaculture have infiltrated mainstream environmental thinking and practice, but it is fair to say its influence has been profound.

“I think it’s been quite significant in its influence on broadacre agriculture, just take the two words of its origin, permanent and agriculture and look around Australia’s landscapes,” he said.

This interview by ABC radio’s Landline program by Tim Lee was first published 28/03/2004. It features Rod May, an organic farmer and the former mayor of Hepburn, Ted Lefroy of CSIRO’s Sustainable Ecosystems, Su Dennett and  Maureen Corbett from Melliodora as well as David Holmgren. You can read it in full down the fold or at the ABC website.
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