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A place for quiet reflection and conscious action.

Because this PDC is held in a unique environment, it is important that you know the rules and routines for the Ashram before you enrol – please read this document carefully.

The Rocklyn Ashram is a unique space in Australia dedicated to developing practical tools for living: regularity and simplicity, self-awareness in daily life, overcoming mental conditioning and patterns, building positive attitudes and intention, harmonising the expression of head, heart and hands.

During your stay at the Ashram for the course, you will have the opportunity to explore many permaculture and Ashram approaches to sustainable and ethical living principles and practices in action.

The Ashram environment offers a place for reflection, quiet and conscious action. Hosting a course here provides you with the opportunity to turn your attention fully to the course content and the lifestyle permaculture promotes. You will have the opportunity to participate in the Ashram’s spiritual and well being practices, which can help balance the intensity of the learning experience.

I came wanting to get direction on how to apply permaculture to my property, but got so much more.

Sustainable Living at Rocklyn Ashram

David has an ongoing relationship with Rocklyn Ashram and (with Hamish MacCallum) has developed a master plan for the Ashram. The plan encompasses the Ashram’s water management, food production, sustainable building – cob (mud) dwelling, solar water heating, wood production, forest management plus lots more directly relating to karma yoga and permaculture. This project has given guests the opportunity to live the yogic residential lifestyle with a dynamic community developing skills of sustainability.

The course load can be intense but it is intended to be balanced around the wellbeing practices provided at the Ashram.

Ashram life daily timetable


We encourage you to join in with these practices, noting that karma yoga is part of the PDC program. Karma yoga is where all Ashram residents join together to maintain the Ashram. Past PDC participants have commented that the benefits of participating in the range of different yoga practices has continued to be beneficial long after the PDC.

The living arrangements of the Ashram are intended for developing self-reflection. Please respect the communal living arrangements of the Ashram and be aware of the following:

  • Periods of silence are designated for reflection and peace. It is asked you maintain silence in the morning until after breakfast, and at all meals on Wednesdays.
  • The Ashram is quiet after 9pm, however PDC participants have access to a room for those who wish to chat or watch a movie beyond 9pm.
  • Please be respectful of space and cleanliness when sharing a room, communal eating and bathroom facilities.
  • Some PDC participants find the sudden change in lifestyle, sleeping patterns and diet a bit of a shock to their system initially, and so we encourage you to be mindful of this and prepare your body in advance.
  • There is no mobile phone or computer use on the grounds (mobile phone reception can be accessed at the front gates. The use of the internet in the computer room can be arranged with the Ashram office).
  • Absolutely no alcohol or illegal drugs may be used at the Ashram.
  • Smoking must occur off site – there is a dedicated area across the road from the carpark.
  • No coffee is served at the Ashram – this is a great chance to kick your caffeine addiction!

In your free time between classes, you are welcome to explore the numerous forest walking or bike riding tracks, the natural silence, engage with others, or explore the Saraswati Library during opening hours.

For more information please view the Ashram website.

Live a more sustainable life.

Retrofit your house, your community and yourself.

Design a resilient system in the face of growing uncertainties.

Join a growing community of like-minded people.

Retrofit your house, your community and yourself.

Design a resilient system in the face of growing uncertainties.

Join a growing community of like-minded people.

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