Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability

Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability


This book draws together and integrates 25 years of thinking and teaching to show a whole new way of understanding and action behind a simple set of design principles.

Essential reading for permaculture designers and accessible to a wide range of critical thinkers.

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This book is relevant to every aspect of how we reorganise our lives, communities and landscapes to creatively adapt to ecological realities which shape human destiny.

For students and teachers of permaculture this book provides something more fundamental and distilled than Mollison’s encyclopedic Designers Manual.

For the general reader this book provides refreshing perspectives on a range of environmental issues and shows how permaculture is much more than a system of gardening. For anyone seriously interested in understanding the foundations for sustainable design and culture, this book is essential reading.

Although a book of ideas, the big picture is repeatedly grounded by reference to Holmgren’s own patch, Melliodora, and other practical examples.

‘If the Permaculture Principles that David Holmgren discusses in this extremely important book were applied to all that we do, we would be well on the road to sustainability, and beyond.’ -Professor Stuart B. Hill

180mm wide x 240mm high, 320 pages, black and white.

You can also read the free summary of permaculture concept and principles taken from the above book – Essence of Permaculture.

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Permacultura, Princîpios e caminhos além da Sustentabilidade




Permakultura: Principy a cesty nad rámec trvalé udržitelnosti


Permacultura: Come progettare e realizzare modi di vivere sostenibili e integrati con la natura






The editions in following languages are in production.

French (to be published by Rue de L’Echiquier in May 2014)
German (to be published by Drachen Verlag in early 2014)
Korean (to be published by Borim Publishing House in June 2014)
Chinese (to be published by 大地旅人/Earth Passengers in May 2014)

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